About Us

SCC Online® is brought to you by Eastern Book Company - a publishing house of international repute and an acknowledged leader in the field of law publishing in India for more than 75 years.

It was in the 1940's when two brothers, the Late Shri C.L. Malik and his younger brother, the Late Shri P.L. Malik, decided to settle in Lucknow and embark upon a career in law bookselling and publishing. Together they laid the foundations of what today has grown into a group of companies under the banner of Eastern Book Company - a group recognized and respected for its contribution to legal literature worldwide.

EBC publishes a wide range of legal commentaries, student texts, law reports and digests, and its products include pioneering works both in the print and electronic medium. With a list of over 550 authoritative and well known titles, it is well recognised for its contribution to legal literature worldwide.

Reliable and comprehensive law reporting of the Supreme Court of India has been achieved through EBC's weekly law report since 1969, the Supreme Court Cases™. Now running into nearly 300 volumes, it is the leading law report of India with a very wide circulation and readership. Its high quality and meticulous standards have earned for it the respect and admiration of the entire legal community, and it is today the most preferred and cited law report in all law courts.

Using the finest of technological innovations, we pioneered law information databases for making law easily accessible in the electronic medium. This has appeared in a revolutionary form, in the electronic medium, as SCC Online’s Case Finder™. This Information Database and search program is a proven source for quick retrieval of case-law precedents of the Supreme Court of India.

The Web Edition versions of SCC Online® products have also been made available since 2009 with coverage expanding to 3.4 million documents from over 20 different countries.

The mark of EBC stands for authenticity, reliability and promptness. Thereby it also fulfils its commitment to the rule of law.

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