SCC Online® Case Finder®
SCC Online Case Finder information databases and search program on Pen Drive is a proven source for quick retrieval of case-law precedents of the Supreme Court of India.

SCC Online Case Finder on Pen Drive is a tried and trusted legal research database for Indian and English law that never lets you down!
Case Finder
SCC Online® Case Finder®
A legal database containing the Full-Text and Case Notes of judgments of the Supreme Court of India from 1950 onwards, English Law licenced from ICLR and add-on High Court Databases on Pen Drive.
Case Notes Database
Compact and Comprehensive - contain ruling in a capsule form along with party names, citations, names of Judges, bench strength, date of decision and relevant annotations.
Cross Citations
Be able to find your judgment regardless of the citation you have access to. Cross citations to all the important law journals in India such as SCC, AIR, ITR, Comp Case, Cri LJ, STC, LLJ, LLN, Lab IC, SLR, ELT etc.
Powerful Search
Find relevant cases faster with our clever search engine. Case reference can be obtained by Keyword Search, Topicwise Search, Party Name Search & Citation Search.
Trueprint Technology
With our signature TruePrint™ technology you are provided with an actual image of our own law report as well as other licensed law reports when you request a print (.PDF) which can be submitted to any court of law with confidence.
Regular Updates
With a collection of over 380 databases, with more than 3.4 million documents and over 16.7 million pages, our legal research tool provodes top quality information with an interface which makes research a quicker and more effective process.
Weekly Database Updates
To optimise your research experience and keep your database up-to-date, updates are available on a weekly basis. Your software updates automatically whenever it is connected to the internet, or manually download the updates from the SCC Online Website.
Quarterly Pen Drive Updates
New updated Pen Drives are sent quarterly to continuing subscribers to keep the database updated and your knowledge abreast of the latest developments.
Product Variants
Choose a single user product that best suits your needs from the options below, or contact to speak with our representatives about packages for multiple users and institutions.